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Use and description of protective strip on inflatable boat

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Protective strip, also called anti-collision strip, anti scratch strip, fender rubber strip and so on. It is mainly used for inflatable boats, assault boats, rafting boats, yachts and all kinds of aquatic amusement equipment and facilities protection. The main material should be chosen according to the material of the ship. For example, the hull with hypalon (CSM), protective strips should be used EPDM materials; hull using PVC cloth or glass steel material, protective strips should be used rubber (modified PVC) material.

The rubber and plastic protective strip (modified PVC) has bright colors, low price and convenient bonding. It is an ideal vessel protection product at present that the quality of the protective strip is over 10 years.

The rubber and plastic protective strip should be heated in 3~5 box for 50 hours before it is bonded to the boat, so that it will be soft and then glue evenly. Bonding should be carried out in a dust-free workshop at room temperature above 25 degrees.

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