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Ten techniques for buying surfboards

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Recently, a lot of friends who just learned surfing have asked Xiaobian how to choose a surfboard suitable for them. Here are some experiences for you to learn from Xiaobian.

One, weight

Your weight (in the novice): 60KG:7.2-8.0 70KG:7.8-8.6 80KG:8.2-9.2 feet, feet, feet and 90KG:8.6-10.0 feet, the more weight to the board, the bottom surface of the waves that push move, and the heavier the buoyancy is greater, the greater the buoyancy better take it to more than 3.5 inches thick.

Two. Surf environment

The waves often have medium and big waves, and the surfboards should be reduced. There are often small waves surfing boards to increase, but it still depends on what boards you want to punch, different boards and different ways to play. It's hard to say the surfboards.

Three. Physical skill

The better the physical technology, the smaller the surfing board can increase the handling performance, but the long board also has long board playing, the shorter the surfing board, the less buoyancy, the more difficult and slippery, and the harder to ride. Technology experience is very important. If we want to easily rush and catch up with waves, we need to increase the surfboards. If we want to practise our physical strength, we need shorter boards or actions, but surfing boards are long and exhausting. The long board is suitable for beginners, and the short board belongs to the technical wave board for advanced users.

Four, durability

The surfboard is designed to look at its strength, the more strong and the heavier, but the future can save thousands of supplementary board fees, and can also be used for a long time. Most of the surfboards are prone to sunken and broken plates, because weight 70KG is concentrated in a foot heel when it stands fast. If the thickness of some special depression, depression have to solve the elastic buffer or surfboard thickened, general internal hard foam is hard but brittle, but also cause depression, the board 20 days on the concave hole again beautiful plate, do not feel good. Big waves when it is easy to insert sand broken plate, due to the beautiful and good manufacturing, then use the resin coated light, so the glass fiber resin is less than 15%, less fiber tension is not enough easy to crack, broken plate, and no impact, there are many 1 years in look solid, but to draw a more sea wave a broken plate, a little big waves off the board, for less than a year.

Five, operable

The board handling performance is radian, shape, edge thickness, curvature trot faster, but easy to plug water waves overturned, large radian is not easy to plug the water, but the resistance is too large. Big factory to do more arc to pursue high speed, the novice buy board must look for the head, otherwise it will plug water, big rudder stable, but not good turn, can not do action. The little rudder was unstable and turned. The weight and size of the surfboard have a little relationship, the lighter the better the better, the heavier the higher the stability.

Six, material

EPOXY is resin immersed in glass fiber. Only 90% of them are fiberglass boards except for plastic boards. There are about 3 kinds of resins. Soft and elastic EPOXY is not easy to crack. Unsaturated polyester resin is a kind of hard resin, acid and alkali resistant resin more toughness, impact resistance mainly depends on the increase in time to make him strong content of glass fiber tension, as long as you ask the glass fiber resin ratio, knew his impact degree. Because the 99% must be manually, and the master class can do, we just do a little bit of good resin layer one or two, smooth, good team but easy to crack, easily damaged, so soft EPOXY to crack, but easily broken plate, because the glass is too small, the future will also spend a lot of compensation fees, 10% absorbent foam will make the board more and more heavy, 100% suction blister cotton is heavier, but do not hit bad repair.

Seven, warranty

Surfboard warranty as if no one dare warranty, because there is a big impact may damage, so dare warranty manufacturers expressed confidence in their plates, or repair the board there will be a lot of work.

Eight. Weight

The weight of the surfboard must be easily broken or damaged, and the weight is more tired, but it is stronger. But some players specializes in the heavy board, such as 7 feet 2 originally about 6KG, but he wants to do 9KG, said more stable, the more inertia of the ride. But the people who play light board say it is too heavy to do difficult movements, light and light benefits, so it is necessary to see that they need to be moderate.

Nine, suitability

A surfboard has advantages and disadvantages, so it is hard to identify the real advantages. For example, light must be used soon, and it will cost a lot of patch fees, and speed is fast. It must be easy to insert water. Good waves must not run fast, and high stability is bound to be difficult to turn. Therefore, the more expensive board, no physical strength and technical importance, and the skilled people buy more suitable board non expensive board, so it is suitable to be important.

Ten. Safety

Too large water waves suggested looking for some buoyant things strapped to his body, wear a life jacket, and have prepared rescue personnel. When the waves involved in hand to protect the head and face, to avoid being hit by a surfboard, foot rope should be changed regularly, have broken rope to keep other surfboard distance, especially big waves, large rudder is easy to hurt the best for soft, rounded or as far as possible, don't be nervous when the foot foot rope first, pull back plate floating up and processing, when the wire rope is broken to see their physical and swimming skills.


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