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NAME:Banana Boat


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1. The material is made of high molecular weight and high density composite material. It is a kind of reinforced material which is resistant to corrosion, antifreeze, oxidation resistance and ultraviolet resistance. It is not affected by seawater, chemicals, chemicals, oil stains and aquatic organisms. It has no pollution and does not destroy the environment.
2, the upper surface of the floating body slip pattern design, safety and soundness; four corners are arc obtuse angle shape, avoid cement, wood, iron facilities common danger, for example: slip, broken wood, rusty nail stab etc..
3, high bearing capacity, stable and durable cylinder.
4, the service life of this product is more than 3 years, in addition to the strong natural force and artificial improper use, does not need to spend any maintenance, maintenance costs.
5, the assembly is simple, fast, flexible, diverse shapes, the overall use of modular structure, can meet the needs of a variety of landscape, rapid replacement platform modeling; appearance color is bright, beautiful shape, for scenic spot icing on the cake, enhance publicity effect.

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